We hope you are enjoying the boating season. We would like to remind you that it’s time to start thinking about reserving winter storage. Inside Storage is first come, first served basis & must be paid IN ADVANCE to hold your space!  Space is LIMITED!

Storage Agreement MUST be signed before ANY boat will be stored with us.

Inside Storage - $2,000.00
Outside Storage - $40.00/ft
Outside Storage with Shrink Wrap - $69.00/ft
Shrink Wrap - $40.00/ft
Pressure wash hull / pontoons* - $90.00
*Note: Pressure washing does not remove barnacles. Boat bottoms encrusted with barnacles and marine growth will be charged an additional $25 per hour to have the growth removed.

Hull & Block

Boats travel better in water than on land! Please try to use local ramps on Rt. 54 when delivering your boat to us. *Local ramps are Harpoon Hannah's and Smitty McGee's.

Pick-up at local ramp, haul & block - $190.00
Pick up at other ramps - $70.00 additional
Hauling Catamarans 25' and over - $200.00
Blocking fee for all boats 25ft & over and all Catamarans - $250.00

  • Tritoons, Catamarans, Fiberglass pontoons, large inboards, and any boats that require special handling are priced individually depending on what may be required.
  • Payment is due in full when boat is delivered to us for service.
  • Please alert the Service Dept. to any repairs that may be needed so that they may be taken care of during the Storage season.
  • Additional services will be charged separately.
  • We are NOT responsible for loss of your seat covers, electronics, and any other personal items. If you wish to remove them, please do so prior to North Bay Marina, Inc. picking your boat up.

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