Note: Winterization is strictly preventative maintenance to prevent damage during storage for the winter season. It is not for multiple season (or year) storage. In addition, it does not repair engine problems! Any engine problems should be addressed separately! Winterize Fresh Water Systems upon request! Parts and materials are extra.


2-Cycle Outboard Engines:

35hp to 90hp -  $129.00
100hp and up -  $160.00

4-Stroke Outboard Engines:

15hp & Under - $129.00
25hp to 60hp - $149.00
75hp to 100hp - $179.00
115hp to 150hp - $229.00
175hp to 225hp - $279.00
250hp to 350hp - $299.00

Inboards and I/O Engines:

4/6cyl. $259.00 V-8 $279.00

  1. Change oil and filter
  2. Fog engine with fogging oil and spray down with CRC
  3. Drain block and refill with antifreeze
  4. Drain and refill outdrive
  5. Lubricate all grease fittings
  6. Remove prop and lubricate shaft. Reinstall prop.
  7. Add fuel stabilizer
  8. Disconnect battery.
4-Stroke Outboard Oil Service:

Service 8/9.9/15/20hp - $129.00
Service 25/30/40/50/60hp - $169.00
Service 70/75/90hp - $179.00
Service 115/130/135/140/150hp - $189.00
Service 200/225/250/275hp - $199.00
Service 300/350hp - $219.00

*Price applies to most models. Frozen filters, rusted parts, etc. may incur additional charges as necessary.

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